Retro Wedding Invitation

Retro Weddding Invitation Retro Weddding

Retro Wedding Invitation


As we know, Gen's getting married! With the wedding meant to have happened in November, we had to send out the invites mid last year. Following on from the Save the Dates, with my fiance and I both being heavily into music and children of the 90's we decided that we'd like to emulate that love of music.


This was another project where I could have a little more fun. I started with having a chat with my fiance about what we'd like these invites to look like. I then expanded on the mood/Pinterest board I'd created for the Save the Date to include inspiration for the invite. Pretty quickly we realised we both love the idea of creating an invite that looked like a vinyl record. Initially, we wanted the invite to actually be round, but with this looking like an expensive venture we decided to go with having the vinyl sitting on a record player.

The main wedding invitation was the hero of the pack, so for the rest of the pack like the Wishing Well, we I decided to create minimalist designs that incorporated the vintage style fonts and bright colours.


Art Direction, Graphic Design, Layout Design, Typography

Finer Details

Wedding Invitation - Finer Details

Wishing Well

Wedding Invitation - Wishing Well

Save the Date

Wedding Invitation - RSVP


Wedding Invitation - RSVP
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