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With the improvement of the marketing campaigns at the Munro Footwear Group, the business required the subscriber pop ups to be improved and landing pages to be designed and built from the ground up. This would help assist the marketing team in building their subscriber lists while being able to set up targeted campaigns.


As we had to design the landing pages and pop ups for each of Munro's 10 brands, this project started with competitor research, and initial wire frames for one brand for both the landing page and pop ups. Once we had taken these to the stakeholders we rolled these designs out for the rest of the brands, ensuring that all the different UI elements, typography and imagery were consistent with each brand. These landing pages and pop ups are now refreshed with new imagery every season to keep them fresh.


Visual Design, UI Design, Testing

Pop Up - Desktop

Cinori Subscribe Pop Up - Desktop

Landing Page - Desktop

Cinori Subscribe Landing Page - Desktop

Pop Up - Mobile

Cinori Subscribe Pop Up - Mobile

Landing Page - Mobile

Cinori Subscribe Landing Page - Mobile
This design was created while working at Munro Footwear Group and is © Munro Footwear Group.