Case Study

Myki Top Up Website Re Design - Mobile

The ticket to travel on trains, tram and buses in Melbourne and parts of regional Victoria.


With the Public Transport Victoria website having recently been re designed, the Myki top up website still needs a lot of work. The User Experience & User Interface of the website greatly needs to be improved. The biggest pain point of the site is the difficulty of topping up online on anything other than a computer. In the era where more and more consumers and commuters are accessing websites on their mobiles and tablets rather than a computer there is a great need for these people to be able to top up while on the move or using their mobile phones.


In this on going project, I've started with re designing the site for mobile, and then focusing on tablet and desktop which both still need work. I started with creating a basic site map to understand the content of the website and improve the hierarchy. From here I've created wire frames before starting on the Visual Design and User Interface of the website.


User Experience Design, Visual Design, User Interface Design, Wire Framing, Prototyping

Please note, this is a personal project, I have't been approached by PTV or Myki ro re design this site.

Wire Frames

MyMyki Wireframe
MyMyki Wireframe
MyMyki Wireframe
MyMyki Wireframe