About Me

Hi, I'm Genevieve, a Melbourne based digital designer who specilalises in web, email and graphic design. If you'd like to chat about a job or get a quote, head over to the contact page.

A little more...

Having grown up in inner Melbourne surrounded by music, art and busy cultured streets, studied visual arts, graphic design and multimedia and digital arts I have varied interests and skills, so there is a lot I like to do.

I've worked in design as a video editor, web designer, graphic designer, email designer and motion designer, in events as an usher, set decorator and set manager, traveled to Europe, survived working a winter in London and came back after getting lost in Granada and Berlin.

Currently I am working as a freelance designer, mainly in web design and development and a little motion graphics. I also take quite a few photographs, just to keep me sane, which you can see more of here.